Who may join GOsnap?

GOsnap is an exclusive premium service available for the biggest and most influential stars on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. You need at least 10 000 followers/subscribers on your Instagram, YouTube or Twitter account to be invited to GOsnap. We also require you to have a minimum engagement level of 3%, which means at least 300 likes and or comments for an account with 10 000 followers. We also require you to have a minimum of 50 posts and a proven concept in your social channels, so that we can better match you with brands.

Please note that your content will be reviewed and evaluated before being accepted as a suitable candidate for GOsnap. We only accept accounts where the influencer posts images of themselves or what they do (celebrity influencers). It is also important that all your images or videos on your channel are your OWN and not taken from the internet or re-shared. We do not accept fan-accounts, re-sharing accounts, featuring accounts, brand accounts or accounts of similar nature.

How do I join GOsnap?

You can sign up at www.GOsnap.co and request an invite.

How much money will I make?

When you are invited to a campaign you will see how much money you will make if you participate. The remuneration depends on the number of followers/subscribers you have.

How do I get paid?

You will get paid once you have completed a campaign and filled out your payment information in your profile on GOsnap. You can choose if you want an invoice or get paid in salary to your bank account. If you choose to get paid in salary we may deduct tax and social security contributions before we send out your salary.

When do I get paid?

We pay out the remuneration within 30 days from when your campaign post was approved. You need to fill in you payment details in order to get paid.

Is there any required time of commitment?

No. You can at any point cancel your membership, just send a mail to info@gosnap.co and say that you want to cancel your membership.

Who is getting invited to the campaigns?

You need to be a GOsnap member to be invited to campaigns. You can request an invite on www.GOsnap.co.  For every campaign the advertiser will choose a target group. If you fit in the target group you will be invited.

Can the campaign budget run out?

Yes. Every campaign has a budget that can run out. If you want to participate in a campaign you need to be fast to accept the invite to secure a place.

I did not use the right hashtag and has not followed the instructions. Do I still getting paid?

No. You most follow the instructions and use the right hashtags in order to get paid. If not you will not get paid.

Can I work with other sponsors when I’m a GOsnap member?

Yes. We will invite you to well paid sponsorship deals, but you are free to participate in campaigns outside GOsnap.

Do I have to participate in campaigns?

No. It is completely voluntary if you want to participate in a campaign or not. You always choose for yourself. GOsnap does not require that you participate in campaigns. You should only participate in campaigns you like.